Ian Meddings
Creative Design

Sight Secure

Sight Secure aims to protect new builds and construction sites with a state of the art remote analytic surveillance system. The system is smart enough to recognize who should and shouldn’t be on sight and can detect fires and floods.

Sight Secure was looking for a bright and memorable logo to be used mainly on signage. It needed to convey to the public that behind this logo is a secured area that shouldn’t be entered. The logo needed to make the company’s clients feel safe and also stand out as a deterrent. They also suggested the use of an animal to represent the company such as a griffon.

After the initial research I decided to use a lion looking out over his pride. This fit well with the company’s focus on surveillance. The lion was coupled with a shield to emphasize the security provided by the company. The use of bright, bold, primary colours helps to stand out on the intended white background and also stand out from the competition. The font choice helps to convey the cutting edge technology used by the company.

The mark stands out through the bright colours and is simple yet memorable enough to remind people to stay out.