Ian Meddings
Creative Design


Fighting against the growing onslaught of generic templates to provide custom, engaging content that inspires and converts.


Ian Meddings

I took Graphic Design at Seneca College in North York. I immediately quit my day job and started my own business creating logos, illustrations and hand lettering pieces.

I work with brands and individuals to create custom content tailored to their needs. My process starts with an interview to assess needs and bring out any pain points that need to be addressed. I design with the strict intention to appeal to target audiences and portray a brand’s core values. Underpinning my work with these simple building blocks allows me to garner attention for my clients and fulfill their business needs through engaging content and memorable visuals.

I have fun in the studio but design is serious business. Rest assured that I will be taking into consideration all your needs to grow your business to the next level and beyond.





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